6 Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Tuition

College is an exciting time of life but it often comes with a big price. Here are some tips to saving money and making the most out of your tuition.

1) Go to the school gym: Gym memberships can cost a lot but usually school campuses have a gym. Use this gym, you technically already paid for it in your tuition! You can save tons of money and get fit by using the school gym.

2) Free Stuff: Look for events where they give away free stuff. I’ve gotten some free water bottles, notebooks, and pens during some random events at school.

3) Counseling Services: A lot of schools provide counseling services for times when you feel stressed or depressed, or if you just need someone to talk to. These services would cost a lot elsewhere. Don’t let the stress of finals or school consume you and try finding out about the counseling services at your school.

4) Use the Career Center:
Use the resources at the career center while you’re in college. There’s often free career advice and job postings to help you with your life after college. Go to job fairs at your school as well. Finding a job out of college is pretty important so make the most out of your time in school and use the career center.

5) Go to Clubs for Free Food: This kind of relates to the previous tip. Sometimes clubs have free food during their first meetings or special events. I know it seems kind of bad to just go to a club to eat the food there, but if you’re on a budget and you’re hungry, why not just go check out the club and get a free meal while you’re at it.

6) Take Non-Credit Classes:
Often times, colleges provide classes that are free and for fun. These classes don’t grade you or count towards your GPA. For example, my school has free fitness classes, cooking classes and self-defense classes for students. These classes would cost money elsewhere, so look for awesome fun classes on campus.

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