Money Saving Hacks for Online Shopping

I’ve been doing some more online shopping lately. The convenience of not having to leave my house and the thought of being able to have things shipped to my door is very appealing. Throughout my shopping adventures, I’ve figured out a few ways to save money while shopping online. Here are 5 money saving hacks for online shopping!

1) Use cash back websites/apps:
There are several cashback websites that you can use to get some cashback on some of your purchases. I use a Google Chrome application called Honey which tests out coupon codes for me and gives me cashback. There are other websites too like BeFrugal and Swagbucks.

2) Order with other people for free shipping: Often times, online shopping websites give you free shipping if you spend over a certain amount of money. However, if you’re not intending on spending that much, you can always team up with friends or family to buy enough stuff so that you can get free shipping for the both of you. I do this with my friends a lot.

3) Look for student discounts:
If you are a student, always look for student discounts. A great website for student discounts is Unidays. If you sign up, you can get access to a lot of great deals for students.

4) Coupon codes!!: Before every online purchase, I do a quick search for any coupon codes. I like to use the Honey app because it automatically tries out different coupon codes for you. However, there are many other options out there. A quick Google search can lead to many codes. They might not all work, but it’s worth the shot to save some money!

5) Shop sales or clearance sections: This is probably something you already do when shopping in stores. However, always look at the sales and clearance section to find some good deals. It’s much easier to see these things online instead of searching sort unorganized racks at stores.

Happy online shopping!

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