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Cartwheel Review & Guide: How to Save Money at Target

Happy Saturday! Today I want to do a review of the Target Cartwheel app. I mentioned the Cartwheel app in my February Favorite’s post, and I am deciding to make a more comprehensive review and guide to using the app to maximize savings.

About the app:

The Cartwheel app is an app for Target. It has a bunch of deals and coupons for products that you can buy at Target. In the app, you can look through their deals on certain items. If you want to use the deal, you simply add it to your list. You then scan a single bar-code in the app at check out for all your savings to apply.


There are several things I like about this app. For one, all the deals and savings are compiled into one bar-code to use at check out. That way, you don’t have to worry about scanning multiple bar-codes for each item. This app is very convenient to use, and there are some great deals. The stuff they have coupons for are things that I actually use and need to buy which is really great.


I am not sure how I feel about the “social” aspect of this application. Since my account is connected to my Facebook, I am connected with my friends on this app. This pretty much means that your friends can see what coupons you use, unless you mark your purchase as private (which you have to do individually and that’s kind of a hassle). This might not bother too many people but for me, I find it slightly awkward for people to know what I’m picking up at Target. Not a huge deal though. Another con though is that this app is only for Target and if you don’t really shop at Target, you might not find this app particularly useful.

A Word of Advice:

I’d like to share some advice when using this application. One thing is that sometimes the coupons might not always help you save money. Basically, only use the coupons for brands and products you actually want. Don’t buy things solely to use the coupon because in the end, you might not actually be saving money. For example, there was a deal for Kleenex. However, I found that even with the coupon, it was still cheaper to buy a different brand of tissues, such as Target’s Up & Up brand. Since I don’t really care what brand of tissues I get, I decided to just go with the cheaper brand.

Final verdict:

I find this app to be pretty useful, and I’m always checking it before I go shopping. I’ve been able to save a good amount on things that I need to buy. Overall, if you shop at Target, this is a good app, and it’s worth downloading.


*****Edit 11/29/2017

Cartwheel is now part of the Target app! Download the Target app to access Cartwheel from there.

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