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How to Save at the Movie Theaters

Going to the movies can be pretty expensive. Here are a few ways to save money at the movie theater!

Go to a Drive-In Theater

Not only is going to a drive-in theater a cool exerperience, it is often times cheaper! Look up some local/nearby drive-in theaters and head on over. You can bring your own snacks too and it can often be a more private experience where you can talk and make jokes with the people you’re watching with!

Get Discounted Tickets from Costco

Costco has prepaid discounted tickets for AMC theaters and Cinemark Theatres at their stores and they often are cheaper than buying the ticket at the actual theater. Head over to Costco to buy the tickets which an then be redeemed at the theater.

Pick the Right Time & Day

Each theater generally has times or days of the week where tickets are cheaper. While these days or times may not work for everyone, it’s worth checking out to see when you can save money and catch a great movie at the same time.

Download Movie Theater Apps

If you like going to the movies often, I think it is also worth it to download movie theater apps for discounts and coupons on snacks. For example, Cinemark has an app that you can download for earning coupons for their popcorn, drinks and more!

AT&T Customers Get BOGO Tickets

You are also able to get a free ticket when you buy one ticket for movies on Tuesdays as an AT&T customer. Click here for more information.

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