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Simple Ways to Save Money in 2018

Saving money does not have to be complicated or difficult. Sometimes it just takes a little change or effort to make a big difference. Here are some simple ways to save money in 2018:


1. Make your own coffee.

2. Cook your own food instead of eating out.

3. Order a glass of water instead of drinks when eating out.


4. Don’t let sales/deals distract you from buying what you don’t need.

5. Buy stuff used at a thrift stores, garage sales, online, etc.

6. Wait three days before buying something you want to prevent impulse buys.


7. Search for dupes to find cheaper versions of high-end makeup.ย Pinterest or The Dupe Listย are good places to look.

8. Make your own beauty products such as masks, bath bombs, etc.

9. Do your own nails instead of getting them done at the salon.

Entertainment & Travel

10. Go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Nature is usually free or cheap to enjoy!

11. Use apps like Gasbuddy to find the cheapest gas around you.

12. Use Airbnb to look for cheaper options instead of staying in a hotel room when travelling.

13. Sign up for a credit card that gives you airplane miles as a reward for spending.

Go Green

14. Install automatic lights so that they turn off when not in use.

15. Re-use paper and plastic bags as trash bags or shopping bags.

16. Turn off the water when not in use.

17. If your water takes awhile to heat up, use a bucket to collect the water to use for watering plants, cleaning, etc.

18. Make your own cleaning products.

19. Bike or walk to places to save money on gas.

20. Use a re-usable towel to wipe up messes instead of disposable paper towels.

21. Carpool with friends to work and split the cost of gas.

22. Line dry clothes.

23. Start your own herb garden.

24. Keep empty jars as containers for storing things.


25. Cancel your landline phone if you use it less than your cellphone.

26. Make your own gifts for your friends instead of buying.

27. Exercise at home or watch fitness videos to save money on gym expenses.

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