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How to Stay Warm Without Raising the Heating Bill

The winter can get pretty cold, and it becomes tempting to raise your thermostat to a comfortable temperature. While it is nice to be warm and cozy in our homes, keeping the heater running can get pretty expensive. Here are a few ways to stay warm, cozy and comfortable in the winter without draining your wallet.


Drink Something Warm and Use an Insulated Mug

Drinking tea, coffee, soup or hot chocolate is a nice way to warm up. Use an insuluated mug to keep the drinks hot so that you can stay warm throughout the day. I personally like Hydro Flask insulated mugs, because they keep my drinks warm for hours.

Use a Hot Water Bottle or Heating Pad

A hot water bottle or heating pad is a great, affordable option for staying warm. You can use them under the covers when you sleep to keep warm throughout the night. They are also a convenient way to heat up your feet or hands when you’re cold.

Get Active

An easy way to warm up is to get active. Move around the house, do some jumping jacks, put on some tunes and dance or go for a run (if weather permits). You’ll be heating up in no time.

Leave the House

One way to stay warm without using your own heater is to go somewhere else with heating like the library, the mall, a coffee shop, etc. That way you can save a little on your own heating bill and turn it down or off while you’re out. The library and coffee shop are also nice places to get some work done in a cozy environment.

Dress for Success

An easy way to warm up is by wearing the right clothes. When it’s cold, fingerless gloves, beanies, socks and slippers are your best friends. You can also tuck in your shirt to block out cold air. Down feather jackets are also a great way to keep warm without feeling too bulky or heavy.

Use a Space Heater

A space heater is a great option for keeping warm if you only want heating in one room or a small space. This will save money by keeping you warm without wasting energy on heating the whole house.

Keep Cold Air From Coming In

Make sure to keep doors and windows closed at all times. Use Weatherstrip Seals to seal any gaps around doors or windows to prevent any cold air from leaking through.

How do you stay warm during the winter? Please share in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “How to Stay Warm Without Raising the Heating Bill

    1. Yeah, heating bills get pretty expensive, especially when we want to stay as warm and cozy as possible. Hopefully some of these tips will help you save! Thanks for reading.

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